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Отель – памятник архитектуры;
Роскошный завтрак «Шведский стол»;
Вид на море;
Бесплатное посещение СПА-центра «5 MIROV»

Dear Guests!

Based on the order of the Government of Sevastopol № 85-UG, guests over 18 years old are required to provide one of the following documents to check in the hotel: COVID-2019 vaccination certificate or a medical document proves your COVID-2019 sickness case valid 6 months (certificate/QR-code) оr medical document proves inability of vaccination with a negative PCR test (valid for 72 hours).

Kind Regards, Sevastopol Hotel Team

Aesthetic cosmetology

Face cleansing

Face cleansing

Professional face cleansing helps remove toxins from the skin, cleanse the pores and return cells to the ability to breathe normally. As a result, the complexion improves, fine wrinkles are smoothed, hated black spots and inflammatory elements disappear, cell regeneration is accelerated.

Carrying out the procedures requires specialized medical consultation.

Price starts from 1800 rubles
Care procedures from “DMK DANNE MONTAGUE-KING”

Care procedures from “DMK DANNE MONTAGUE-KING”

DMK Danne Montague-King Pharmaceutical Cosmetics (USA) treatments are a professional cosmetics line based on enzymotherapy, which has been on the market for 45 years. It is a world leader in correcting skin problems, both cosmetic and some dermatological. The DMK system has a clear concept, complying with it you always get the result. No types of skin - there is a skin condition! DMK procedures and home care are indicated for patients with age-related changes, seborrhea, acne and its consequences, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, cicatricial tissue, cellulite and linear atrophy.

Price starts from 2300 rubles
Day-off “WOW-mask

Day-off “WOW-mask"

This mask eliminates mimic and smoothes deep wrinkles. A pronounced restorative effect is observed after the first procedure, the skin becomes velvety, its texture improves, visible defects and enlarged pores are eliminated.

Price starts from 2000 rubles
Alginate masks

Alginate masks

Alginate mask is a new generation cosmetic product. It is made on the basis of a substance derived from brown algae. The advantage of alginate masks is that their use is beneficial to skin because of its ability to lock in moisture. Thanks to active mineralization, it improves the appearance and color of the skin, helps to maintain a lasting lifting effect; correction of a face form; tightens pores and smoothes wrinkles; It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Price starts from 1000 rubles